Definition of streetart

Hi you out trere,

I’m pretty new here and have just started to fill the map of Essen with streetart, I have photographed in my hometown over the last years. Now that I have placed the murals, it would be a logical consequence to proceed the smaller pieces like paste ups, tiles, cuts…
I have had no problems with the painted murals, because they are not mobile, but I fear for all the mobile pieces. they could easily be found and stolen. On the other hand I would like to share all these gems to the streetart lovers.
Also, this style of art is not as long lasting; how to document the change?

How do we mangage that problem? What about installations?


Good question, and I’me curious what the others think, but I think it is very personal (to be hounest). The way I define art in my hometown can be totally different from the way my colleague from Medellin defines it. Generally, almost nobody does graffit for example. Throw ups and pieces are just removed too fast to even put time and effort in.

Curious to see how others define it in their town!

glad to have you on board!


Hello there. What I do with small pieces: I put one or 2 on the map from that artist & mention in the text that there’s more to be found, often in the nearby from that on one the map.
I’ve done that for Ghent for the artists Pol Cosmo & AFT.

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Hi Ferre,
thaks for your help. I think I will follow that strategy for Essen too. When one piece has disappeared, a new one pops up near by immediately.

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Hi, I do it exactly the same way as Ferdinand. Check it out:

Or if a street art festival made a treasure hunt I do it like this:

Cheers, Sanne


Thanks a lot for that spectacular input and those ideas, how to arrange a route, which will work in Essen too. But what I learned the most was: Heerlen is a must go for all streetart hunters around. My next tour in spring definitely will be Heerlen!

Thank You so much and stay tuned!


You’re welcome. Just let me know when you want to come. I can definitly give you a street art tour :facepunch:

For us at ArtAeroRap Festival this was always a tricky situation.

We never intended to build a festival, we started with jam sessions with friends. Later those friends brought more friends, and the circle grew rapidly.

Having always in mind our roots, in our city La Bañeza all artworks created during the jam sessions and during the now established Festival are more like a story of streetart. I would say there are three elements: graffiti, streetart and muralism. Representing each of those elements we invite people to come to the city. So you can find bombers (those who paint trains) painting close to muralists (mainly artists that studied fine arts, nevertheless some of them have “bomber” pasts) We like that mix, and the artist love it too.

There is not much discussion about what their art is, because the most important thing is what they have in common, the streets.

Many of the bombers that have visited the Festival art starting to transform their art, and many of the muralists a creating their tags. It’s a synergy, art is the voice of your soul, so it’s no surprise that after meeting that variety of artists your soul get touched and your art transforms.

So for me, and probably for our festivals team and family (artists), streetart is every attempt of bringing art to the were the people are, the streets.

It’s a bit philosophic, but I hope it helped any of your guys.



I just started to put all my findings of street art in Vilnius. I saw in Vilnius page that there are photo of mural which now is gone because building is destroyed and there will be a new building. That mural was painted for Vilnius street art festival and the artist knew that his artwork will be temporary. My question is: should we delete info about this mural or just add sentence that it’s gone?

Thank you!

You can change the status of the artwork: from active to removed :slight_smile:

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Thank you, Tinka! :slight_smile:

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I post a lot with my bicycle in the pictures as i use it to hunt will those be accepted?