Defining location on map

hi there,
as i m in charge of marrakesh, it s not always easy to find the location on the map.
is it possible to define the location with the long/latt-info?
that would be very helpfull.

Hi! The way the system currently works required there always to be a street address. You can, however, move the marker in the little map shown in the edit screen. So a good way of setting a location is to first search for a street name, and then drag the maker to the exact position of the artwork. Does that work for you?

hi thomas,
many thanks for your reply.
i know this function, but marrakesh and streetnames is something you can not rely on. the coordinates would be a time-saver.
but no problem, i ll stick with this function.

Ah, I see.

I just added some functionality where you can paste in a set of coordinates (format: lat,lng), and it will automatically be chosen on the map. It also automatically tries to determine the address for those coordinates.

Let me know how that works, as it’s hard for me to test your exact situation!



this is f***** awesome! :slight_smile:
many thanks!

i have some spots out in the middle of nowhere which have no address, so the system takes an address which is nearby and can adjust it to the right place, which is already a timesaver


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So cool to see how fast this could be implemented!

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