Cybermatthew from Bologna (Italy)

Hello guys,my name is Matteo alias Cybermatthew and i come from Bologna,Italy. I’m 33 years old and my love for street art started around in 2017 from the passion of my dear friend who follow street art from 15 years. We started to travel together to see italy street art and also abandoned places. After i start my firsts tours in Europe to see all the Urban Art. Together with this passion i started to collecting some piece of art at my home…and they are increasing day by day! I’m working right now on the map of the city of Ravenna,check later it’s a beatiful city that i suggest you to visit full of work by Kobra,Invader,PixelPancho,Zed1,Millo,Nemo’s,A.Casciu,Dzia and so many others…

You can find me and my photos on my IG account @Cybermatthew

And last but not least,hope you guys are all safe and in good conditions.
Let’s hope this bad period passes quickly and we started again to travel and meet again.

Cheers Cybermatthew

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Ciao Matteo io sono di Ravenna appena entrato nella comunità