Coronavirus Street Art

Is there a collection of Coronavirus Street Art? I took this photo in Brooklyn.
The city streets are so empty because of the virus.

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 2.13.17 PM


I thought @Streetartwerpenaar mentioned something like this the other day. Maybe create a collection and a hashtag specifically for this? Or post it on the forum?

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@jameswsmedley started something like that. He told me about a specific hashtag #quaranteam_streetart, but you could also check the IG account @coronastreetart.

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hi, yes, he reached out to me on Instagram. I was hoping there was something here on SAC.

This one just popped up!

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I am creating a database of Covid-19 street art as a repository and source for future research. It is located at

It is crowdsourced as well, using this google form:

I am committed to maintaining this database and seeing it grow, so please share the news!

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Also @urbanartmapping on Instagram