Core team looking for hunters to improve the community

Hawdee Campers,


We’ve been hard at work improving, growing and making sure everyone has a great time collecting art and creating unforgettable moments! You have all been doing a more than impressive job uploading, writing and coming up with great new ideas!

Work is kind of growing out of our ears, but we are encouraged by all the cool, hounest and heartwarming feedback! Lately we keep hearing more and more people offering assistance in different ways. @Streetartmadrid offered his SEO expertise, Tim Jents offered to help out with management of North America and several others offered to help out with pictures, video’s and more.

We’re trying to open up the team a bit more. Especially in the community management department. We would love to find hunters that are socially savvy, positive thinkers, and connected to the community in many ways So we’re looking for community coaches to form a team with Tim. This way we hope to keep in touch with everyone better and know your needs.

Copywriters, designers, or otherwise creative minds with a progressive attitude, where are you! We would really be helped out by native english speakers or people that can help out with design needs.

You will receive the everlasting love of the community in return and make yourself world famous! :slight_smile:

So on a serious note, if you have an idea, or see yourself in the description above, we would love to hear from you. Many of you are loaded with work already. We totally understand, we value every minute we all invest in this initiative. Only offer help if you have the time, and eager to take a bigger part in a community that’s doing something that hasn’t been done before! (captain Jean Luc Picard voice, u know, the captain of Star Trek Enterprise).

Send an email to or hit me up on the forum with your skills and what you would like to help out with. I will contact you and see if we can make something happen.

Thanx everyone, have a great day!


Hit me up if you need some graphic design help! (:
You can e-mail me at

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Wow that sounds awesome. Then we can work together because I’m also a graphic designer. If we have a design challenge I’ll definitely let you know! Thanks :smiley: