Community Notes - can you contact the sender?

We have received a few Community Notes today from a Street Art Cities community member saying four artworks are removed. One of them definitely isn’t removed, I just messaged the restaurant/cafe it is in and they have confirmed it is still there. At least one of the other three I have seen recently, but I need to check on them to see if they are really gone.

Do many of you receive “spurious” or incorrect “removal notices”?

Is there any way to message the sender of the Community Note?

Do most of you hunters go and check the piece before tagging it as removed?

1 In the past it happens to me that I clicked too fast the removed button (as user, in other places), hey… nobody is perfect ;-)! Nowadays we can click the “removed” away (3 points symbol), which is great! I flagged already that this symbol is not visible enough (other colour?)… I understand that many hunters don’t set the connection if this is a tool… and they just let it how it is. Difficult to blame them?

I showed this to Bart on Cologne Meeting as I remember. Idea and solution is great, but not visible enough (to my humble opinion). Something to highlight on the hunter tips - newsletter?

I had already a quick view on the notes and google maps (as I always do, good indication… google is not always wrong:) ). The artwork from Nick Hinder seems to be gone.

2 In the past (on my world renowned letters:) ), I proposed a tool which can be very useful:
Let the User take a pic with her/his mobile and upload it in the community notes.
Technically maybe difficult to implement, but a good help for user and hunter.

3 We are proud of our work, indeed! But we, as hunter… and sure in cities like New York, Melbourne… the big cities. How good we are as hunters, it’s impossible to pretend or think that we know everything, about every location or a place every moment of the day. And that’s indeed one of the tasks of a hunter: collaborate (as you in Melbourne, very nice example!:slight_smile: ) and check if the current works are still there .
Rushing and focus on rankings is one thing, maintain the current pieces is in fact more important. How-> push the seen button by yourself when you pass by.

About privacy laws: Many hunters react positively on mails of moderators, always exceptions.
We need to bear in mind that an app user could be frustrated cause he couldn’t find some pieces in a certain area… and losing valuable time maybe during their holidays. I had it once in Istanbul. Believe me, it’s not fun… I imagine that a hunter keep saying that the piece is still there “cause he or she passed there last week” while the app user is losing time and only see the freshly painted white or grey wall… nobody is perfect… app users not, hunters also not. I am a bit hesitant on that topic it has pro’s and contra’s to contact the user… first check as hunter by yourself if it’s gone or not and adjust the description if necessary?

Often, the app users note a little comment… like building is demolished. Double check on google and confirm the status removed.

On the keyword marker tags-> Access / Building / Surface is good to fill in. I always try to mention for example " train underpass" or “painted on shutters”(not visible in daytime)… but for now those important marker tags are not visible on the app:(.
An underpass, usually I’ll write in the description. On melbourne is often a nice description written, great:)!
The Erin Haywood artwork is NOT visible when the eatery is closed (check google street view), very understandable that the user marked this as removed. If it was written in the description, only visible during opening hours… then it was bad luck for the app user.

4 Spurious or incorrect removal notes: It happened already when I am browsing as user on the app on city X, click on artwork x and it’s tagged as removed. Double check on the city x dashboard and status us still active. Maybe a hunter clicked it away with still the active status (as hunter we have to change it to remove as you already know). Hunter tips to repeat… regularly. I think, that a removal notice is always created by an app user.

Wish you a nice Christmas Andrew, enjoy it for the fullest:).

Gr Stef

Thanks for all that Stef. Yes, I did the same last night and checked them on Streetview and actioned / removed the Nick Hinder one. The one that the restaurant/cafe confirmed is still there I just added a note in the description of the artwork and added a screenshot of my message with the cafe confirming it is still there to the artwork as well. So I’ve actioned two of the four, the other two I am going to go and physically check myself over the next week sometime, so will leave them sitting there until I do that.

Merry Christmas to you too.

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