Coming soon: artwork status and timeline

Hi team,

As you might already have noticed, we added some new fields to the Hunter Dashboard last week. For each artwork, you can now specify the status, and the (rough) date on which it was created.


You can now set whether an artwork is finished, still in progress, or whether it has been removed. In the coming weeks and months we’ll be using that info to build cool timelines for locations that have a lot of artwork turnover (i.e. legal walls), and we’ll be able to show an overview of in-progress artworks across the world.

I’m especially excited about the possibilities of that last one in combination with the first version of artist profiles that we released last week (to go to an artist profile, simply click their name in the artwork details view on web).

Let me know if you have any questions about the new functionality, and let me know if you have ideas about what we can do/how we can display this new artwork data.



Totally agreed, really curious how everyone reacts to this. Maybe we should show an example of how this will work, how it looks on the user side. I think it’ll be a really awesome addition to several hotspots across the planet.

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This is great news. Sadly had to mark one of my favorite Athens murals as removed. The good news it that JupiterFab has a new mural in Athens, the bad new for this purpose is that it is not in the same spot so I agree with @Bart about that it would be great to see an example of how this will work.

Maybe if we look Thomas in the eyes really cute, he can cook up a quit concept mock up?

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Hello Bart & Thomas

I selected ‘removed’ on some pieces in Ghent. But it still appears on the map on the site & app. It’s mentioned in small letters, but most people will not notice this. So … a bit confusing. Reading this, that means this will change in the future?

Yep! We’re still working on showing these artworks in a better way on the website & in the app. Ideas for this are more than welcome!

First 2 possibilities that come into my mind:

  • a link/button to the graveyard (showing only removed pieces, it’s up to content-managers to decide which walls to keep or to delete). So all removed pieces in this case would be invisible in the standard mapp view. They should also be removed from tours somehow…

  • if this is not possible, they should be clearly marked in a different way (transparant, other look?).