Checklist? Favorites? set own Routes?

also a nice feature for hunters would be a “checklist”
on that you can mark the spots you like to visit, or you already visited.

HAPPY NEW YEAR by the way :wink:


So you mean like, adding a place/piece to a ‘visited’ list? Like starting a collection :wink:

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how to explain?.. ok… hehe…

when i wanna visit p.E. Bergen… and i make some recherches via SAC App before going there, and find some artworks i really want to visit, i would like to mark them… so maybe they will get a different colour on this map… or the map will show just my “favorite” spots


if i already was in Bergen… and i already saw some artworks, but want to see the others…
so the artworks i saw will shown in different color, or as checked :wink:

smthg like that… hope my english is good enough


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We’ve put it on our list.

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Hi Christian,

I think that I understand what you mean. In the app we already have a ‘Liked Artworks’ functionality. You can add a heart to the pieces you like so when you’re in a city you can find your little darlings.


BUT I do agree that this isn’t the most convenient way to do it. Last year we were thinking about something like Invader does. You make photos of the murals you’ve already seen and add them to your checklist/photo album. So if you go back to a city you know which one you’ve already seen.

Unfortunally it takes a lot of work to build this system so please give us some time to add this to our app and/or website. When we’re starting with it I’ll let you know!

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Hmmm, I don’t really like to be online all the time (the battery wont keep up anyway). I think giving a ‘status’ to a piece would be easier. Default: unseen, choices: wanted / hunted for example ?
Just an idea @LinkTheButler @anon69780978

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