Can I be added for Malta?

I know that we normally get added for a city, but I was wondering if we could be added for an island? I’m thinking of Malta, I’ve been there 3 times already and I’m visiting again next month, there’s some really good murals, etc by talented artists (local & International) but the island is small (total population of around 500,000!). None of the towns etc would meet the 10 piece requirement to show in the list (except possibly White Rocks) , but the island as a whole would?

Our usual approach for this (making this up, but I think it should be a rule/guideline) that since we only create cities, we would only add the latest city/town in the area - Valletta, but allow hunters to add artworks for the whole island in that city.

I’ll leave it to @Streetartwerpenaar to see if we can add you to that city!

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I had the same idea, so Ibrahim I added Valletta to your hunter account.

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@thomas @Streetartwerpenaar - Many thanks!

at your service buddy

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