Campaign: Black History Month

Hi guys,

We have news, and a question for y’all. News first?

So, Erica Stella and the team in New York, are one of the first to have created an official Guide for Apple Maps. Our hunter in LA created a really cool Kobe guide amongst others. Guides are being created all over the place. iPhone users; just pull up the Apple Maps app, and search for Street Art Cities. How cool is that? We have an agreement with Apple to help iOS users find the cooler spots around, and hopefully lead them to Street Art Cities. Unfortunately it doesn’t help our bank, but it does help with the visibility of all your hard work. If you want to create a cool Apple Maps Guide for your city, let us know on the forum!

Now on to the question. For Black History Month in February, we’d love to create a guide with several murals of important or famous people in the US. We can make a great statement for the iconic people depicted, the artists, for your hard work, and for the world to see. We know you can select and describe great murals, and together we’d love to shape that into a must see guide on Apple’s ecosystem. Honoring those that need to be honored, through street art.

Do you have any relevant, beautiful murals of important moments and people in black history? Please share them with us (US only), and we’ll select the 10 best for the Apple guide.

Finally: How’s everybody holding up in these very very weird and difficult times?


Bart, Thomas and Tim

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Uploading ! :raised_hands:t3:

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