Benalla Street Art Festival

Hello SAC! Here is a post about my recent visit to Benalla two weeks ago. Although I did not really attend the actual Benalla Street Art Festival itself on 21-28 March, I did come through the following weekend on my way to Echuca on a nice overcast day.
Here are some of my favourite shots, including some of the existing artworks in this rural city.

And something I am proud of: the evolving artwork coverage of Benalla on SAC! Here is the before and after of the Benalla map as it stands now.


After a lot of moving around artworks, adding contextual information (such as date created and which festival they were a part of) and just updating general data altogether, it’s really been a great privilege to be able to do so! I did come across one unknown though and it is a rather large piece, please help identify it!
While many walls do get painted over each year, the best part about SAC is that it maintains an archive of artworks in the removed section, so although they are gone, they are not forgotten. I appreciate this feature.

P.S. I think after a lot of research these past few days, my all-time favourite is the Danish rendition of Ned Kelly by Welin, although it was painted over the following year. I think I’m saving this for the personal archives (whatever what that means).

Courtesy of Juddy Roller: In The Studio – Welin

Thanks for reading!


Great work bud, thank you for sharing!

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Wow, nice one. I really like the fact you took the time to put all the info in there.

So to reward you, I know who painted that unknown…
Did some research myself and found this guy: artbyd3stroy • Instagram photos and videos
Check his website and you’ll find that mural in his portefolio


Slick work, thanks for finding out the artist! I think I spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out before moving on. Benalla is completely ‘unknown’ free.

I did miss three artworks, but that just means another detour next time I’m around that location! More to share on my next trips!


Unknown - Benalla is deleted, yeeees:)! Tx Briggs!