Beginner from Kharkiv

Hi, Hunters!
My name is Ivan, 18 years old and my girlfriend is Anna, also 18. We just started to be hunters and I believe that it will be an unbelievable experience! Our main goal is to improve your knowledge about Ukraine(especially Kharkiv) street art. Kharkiv is the big chamber of masterpieces and we will open it for you!
Can’t wait to read your stories and discover beautiful cities!
Have a great day!


Welcome to Street Art Cities Ivan!
Looking forward to your uploads on the Kharkiv map.


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Welcome to you and Anna from Melbourne, Australia, hope you enjoy SAC, look forward to seeing Kharkiv’s street art.

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Hope you can do it safely! Nice to have you around Ivan and Anna. Please check in if you have questions about Street Art Cities or if you need some help in documentation of pictures.

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