Augmented Reality and Street Art

Hey guys, want to share something cool with you. Pardon my language and typos, I am a professional writer, but I don`t write in English much.

So, I am from Saint Petersburg, Russia, and street art here is in a state of constant struggle. I always feel envy when I see big beautiful murals from other countries, because there are almost no such things here. Art is often painted over by authorities overnight. I can go on and on about this problem, so feel free to ask me if you wanna know more)

Anyway, group of artists known as Yav (Явь) - you can roughly translate this word as “reality” - created an app AR Hunter which allows you to see destroyed art and make pictures of it. I think it is such a cool idea.

Left is how the wall looks now, right is the Black Gold mural by Sacha Blot, painted over last year.

And here is a portrait of Stephen Hawking by Yav, also destroyed.

Just wanted to share this)

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Hey Isabella,

We have a similar idea about archived murals. We love to create some kind of ‘timeline’ function where you could scroll through time and see which artworks have been painted before.


I love it!
Maybe folks from Yav will be ready to discuss their approach - I think there is their mail in Google Play. As I understand it, technology is not always working seamlessly and they would like to add selfie function, but it is too hard and expensive and in future will be available probably only for latest iPhones.

It’s a shame to see government kill the artwork that fast. Removed, destroyed artworks was the reason we started adding the option to add an artwork with an ‘uptime’ (start date, end date). This way in the future we can see interesting things happen and work on that feature that Tim just said :slight_smile:

Goodluck in Saint Petersburg!

Thank you!
I remember our chief architect once said something to the effect of “To change the city is the same as to marry a blonde and ask her to change into brunette”. Come on, our city is beautiful and old, nobody denies that, but it is changing all the time! And these people want it always to look like it did in 1703)

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