Assign Multiple Cities

Good Morning!

Can i please be assigned to more cities local to me?

Ocean Springs, MS.
Biloxi, MS.
Bay St. Louis, MS.
Pascagoula, MS.
Mobile, AL.

Thank you,

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Hi Meghan,

I see you have New Orleans as your city, so far you haven’t uploaded …
So which city is better to start with, so I can change it…

Before addng multiple cities, first give your city a go


Initially, when i signed up, i asked for my city and the cities close to me. I was approved for New Orleans. Im super excited about New Orleans and am going this weekend to take photos. I will be uploading a lot of photos for New Orleans this weekend. I already have maps routed for a ton of amazing art! I understand if you want to wait until after i get art uploaded this weekend to add more cities.

Thank you!


Hey, don’t get me wrong. Love the enthusiasm, keep it up.
Looking forward to those New Orleans uploads, so I can have a look and give you feedback.