Artworks totals

When I look at the “Browse all cities” table it says Melbourne has 1,230 artworks, when I look at the Hunter Artworks screen it says “1,226 items”, when I look at the Dashboard it says number of artworks is 1,224.

Why are these numbers different? Is any of them more “right” than the others?

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I’ve noticed that the total also includes any ‘legal walls’, etc that are listed on your map, not just the artwork?

Legal walls shouldn’t be included?

I wouldn’t expect them to be included in an “Artworks” total if the intent of them is to notify artists of legal places to paint, it should be the artworks that are painted on the wall that are included in an Artworks total, not the wall itself. Over time there could be many artworks on a particular wall, if over-painted ones are marked as removed and new ones added. Also, a legal wall could be a large laneway that could support multiple artworks at any one time, so it would seem superfluous to include the “Legal Wall” itself as an “Artwork”.

Also, on the topic of “Legal Walls” the ones for my city “Melbourne” seem to have been created by some process or other, and I’m not even sure they are correct. Is it up to hunters to maintain these (eg to delete them if they are not correct, or even there any more).

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There is a kind of project / partner of Legal Walls implemented on the map (I am right @Thomas ?).
But Indeed… some legal walls were once famous with good pieces… after while it becomes a bit sloppy and not popular anymore and even not worth to mention maybe.
Last Sunday, I stumbled on such crappy legal wall with just crap graffiti (Leuven, Belgium). On our map it has 4 markers: I think, just 1 marker (Place) is more than enough to mark this spot.

Street art comes and go, sure on such legal walls. As I understood, we like to document much street art as possible. From the moment a wall is overpainted, a hunter has to archive it as removed (check historic artworks). You are familiar with this procedure I guess.

It’s up to the hunter…? If you live close to such legal wall, and you check this regularly: great. If it’s a legal wall on the other side of the city, and you never go there… not worth to invest your time to upload pictures, cause app users are gonna flag this quickly as removed.
In the comments section you can write anyways something like: Often new pieces on the wall

The amount of legal walls shouldn’t be included in the total amount, the amount of creations yes.

Wondering what is @Streetartwerpenaar his viewpoint on this interesting topic.

We have a Legal Wall listed in Reading, which is basically 22 large concrete walls under a motorway. Some of them do change regularly, but it is consistent in it’s quality though, some really nice art down there! I have added some of the best to the entry, although they do get painted over, so people can see what may be down there.

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Cool! It’s nice to give the users an impression, or upload like an urbanartlandscape shot of how its look like. But it’s a part of the urban arts culture… street art comes and go, and sure on legal walls.

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Agree that the count should only include actual artworks - I’ll add a ticket for the dev team to make these counts consistent across the different places they’re listed.