Artworks still popping up to the top of the Hunter Artworks list

We are still seeing artworks pop up to the top of the Artworks list with no apparent reason.

Is it possible that the “Seen” problem has been fixed so it doesn’t cause this but that it hasn’t been fixed for “Likes” ? The fact that they have at least one “Like” seems to be the only common factor in those where we are still seeing this happen.

It happened today with this artwork, if that’s any help.

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@thomas @Noa_Heutz could you take a look at this, I think you’re working on a solution. Care to share some feedback on this.


That’s indeed not really meant to happen if people don’t make a change - maybe the easiest way to solve this is just always sorting based on creation date, not modification date on the city pages

@Noa_Heutz - one for you to look at in the next week or two, would you mind creating a ticket?


Having them in modified date order is best because it is great to see when modifications are made, either by other hunters or moderators. It’s also sometimes useful when you are making mods yourself and realise you do t have all the info or whatever and save and come back to it.

So it would be better in my opinion to keep the modified date sequence and stop the things that aren’t supposed to change that date from changing it.

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I think that the best is to keep some dates separated:

  • date of creation
  • date of changement (new version etc, as set by the content managers)
  • date of comments/likes by hunters : these should have no impact on the viewing order.

Hey @Andrew_Haysom

I’d appreciate your insights on this implementation. I’ve introduced an additional filter allowing hunters to sort by either modified date or the original creation date. Additionally, I’ve also fixed the like feature affecting markers modified date. Do you think this addresses your concerns?


Excellent Noa, thanks for your help, I think that this fixes this issue completely. Good work!