Artworks is not published in Martinengo

Yesterday I published an artwork with the name “Return” made by Vesod in Martinengo by filling in all the required data in the form but I still don’t see it published.

In my dashboard I see it as published but it is then invisible on the app map.

Have I done something wrong?




Just had brief check on Martinengo and it’s visible on the website.
On the application it’s visible from the moment 10 works are uploaded on the map.
Thanks for the first upload, artwork by Vesod. Brilliant artist!

Greetz Stef

Have experienced this too on a newly hunted artwork uploaded 21Jan2024 in KAMBAH ACT (City=CANBERRA). Still not showing on website map or app map. Subsequently hunted artwork do show as expected. :thinking: will keep an eye on it in case the 10 uploads rule affects the visibility

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