Artwork profile - Suggestions / Problems

So I happen to have different concerns/ problems on the map, considering the profile of each artwork, put also considering the whole display.

  1. I am updating some pictures on already existing artworks, but after updating it, they dissapear from the “browse” option. You can access them only if you find them on the map, but not by searching the artists name or the artworks title.
    E.g. Our Lady of the Cans

  2. When entering the discription of the artwork, there is like a small “fake” editor for your text. I say fake because anything you edit (bold, cursive, new parragraph…) just does not happen. It would be nice if the text is editable, since some artwork’s description are quite long.

  3. Since some descriptions are quite long - I think it would be more aesthetic to have several info boxes, to display the text in a different way - or to write the description in different languages in each box.

  4. Links you have the option of linking something in the text, but I will never appear as linked on the map. Would be nice as well if this option would work.

  5. Please please please, a delete button

I hope this somehow helped you guys, if those things change, hunting would be a much nicer experience.

Thanks, tinka.


I have to say; yes a delete button would be great to have that back. As long as a ‘graveyard option’ is not ready, this really has to be there.

Also: giving some minimal lay-out to texts would be great.

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I’ve put all your feedback in our planning tool. We’ll try to tackle these as soon as possible.


Have you fixed the problem with the new uploaded artworks not appearing when you browse the artist? Because it is still happening.

We are doing on the festivals page “artists profile”, and want to link to their total artworks on the map, and its a bit annoying when not all the stuff we uploaded appears.

At the end it feels like, we do all the work of uploading, resizing, adding info… - just so you guys can brag how many artworks are on your platform- but at the end, the platform does not work properly.


Our dev guy is working on it.

Thanks a lot Tim!! I will be patient then :wink:

Just realised this today!!!

Thanks a lot guys!!!:pray: