Artwork not appearing on map

Hi there - I’m new!

I’ve been adding artworks to a new Nottingham UK page but they don’t seem to be appearing on the map. Want to make sure I’m not missing a step somewhere before I continue adding stuff. Looked at a couple of previous similar posts about this - one explains it doesn’t update in real time, but I added some of the artworks a couple of days ago.


Hi Harry!

Thanks for adding artworks - could it be that those artworks are missing some of the required detailed to start showing up on the map? Artworks will show up once they have an artist, a description, a location, and at least one image.

Hi Thomas, I’ve not added a description to most, so that might be it. There are a handful where I don’t know the artist. I’ve not been adding a date created (pretty difficult to pinpoint, though I will start taking note for any new ones) - is that required for the map?

Oh, looks like they’re showing now! Should have been patient for a few more hours haha

Hi Harry! Sometimes it takes while(halfhour approximately) when the uploaded works appear on the map. I have experienced that as well in the past. You’ve uploaded already quiet a lot for Nottingham, thanks! Keep posting your pics;))). Cheers Stef

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