Artists Page Claiming Process

Could someone please let us know what the internal verification process is for Artist Page Claiming. We are planning trying to persuade our local artists to claim their pages (have begun with a few) and it would be helpful if we could tell them what will happen when they do it.

Also, how long does this process usually take? We have one artist who believes they have done it a week or so ago but we’re not seeing a tick on their profile. Is there any help that we as hunters can give?


Goodmorning Andrew,

Normally it shouldn’t take longer then 24H, I’m on it every day.
So far I saw a request from VKM and Freo and I approved both of them. Didn’t see John Murray yet. So if you talk to the first 2 they should be able to acces it.
If they have trouble, they can always contact me on Instagram.

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Thanks Tim, that’s good that is is usually a quick process. So is there any documentation that describes the process the artist has to go through?
So, once you approve it the artist has to do something else before users would see their “tick”? We don’t yet see a tick for Viki Murray or Freo’s Art.


I try to be very fast indeed, it’s a personal project of mine. I want to reach 1000 verified artists as soon as possible.

Here’s a blogpost explaining things a bit:


Good point!

Currently, the way the system works is that the tick shows up once the artist has added any details to their profile.

They get access to a dashboard that looks like this:


Thanks Thomas, I guess the artists in question must not have done this yet.

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Your reply 4 Nov u say u want to reach 1K as soon as possible. May I ask how many have claimed at the moment? To your information I will soon send out a mail to all artists in Bergen, encouraging them to claim their profile. I have tested on some and the only issue is that they are accurate with the geotagging.

How many will take action one never knows. :laughing:
But the mail will reach aprox 90 in my turf.


Hey buddy, so far we have 253 artists confimred, so please reach out in your network :pray: :pray: :pray: