Artists informations

What do you think about a feature to give an overview of the artworks of an artist. It should be a kind of filter, where you can search an artist by name and get all the pieces the database has and the locations,where to find them.

Well, no idea if it will be practicable, nor if it will be easy to write a program for it. But it would be nice to have it. Or do we have it already and I haven’t find it yet?



Thanks for your awesome idea. :bulb: We are already talking with artists about this idea because we would like to know from them what kind of information they like to show. :man_artist: Artists are really good in making art but for most of them it’s hard to keep up with a decent website or social media accounts. So we are already working on your great idea but it takes a little more time to build it. We keep you updated!

Cheers :smiley:

What to do with the synchronization of information about artists. There are cases where the same author is named differently depending on the person who input the information.


At this moment our tech team is looking to filter those different names on an intelligent way, so everything gets collected under the right artist’s name.
More news soon…

grtz Tim