Artists adding their own artworks

I have been asked by one of our artists who has “claimed their page” about how they can add their own artworks to the map. I remember there was another post about that but can’t find it. I think there was talk about a “Guide” for artists on how to do this, but I can’t find that either.

Do they have to go into a different mode like we go into “Hunter” mode?

If they want to add artworks for country towns that are not on the map, do one of us Hunters request for the city/town to be added first?

Any help, or links to info would be great so I can pass onto the artist.


Oh and one more question, can they use either the web version or the app to do it?

Happy new year Andrew!

From their web dashboard, they have access to a ‘artworks’ section that looks like this (basically the same as a hunter’s artworks section):

When an artist adds an artwork, we try to attach it to a nearby city if there is one. If there isn’t, it will show up in a list of ‘orphaned’ artworks that our mods can move into existing or new cities. An artwork being orphaned doesn’t affect it from being displayed on the artist profile, but will make it slightly less discoverable because it isn’t placed in a city context.

They can also:

  • Highlight artworks (star icon), which will make them show up at the top of their artist profile.
  • Hide artworks (eye icon), which will remove that artwork from the artist page. It won’t affect the visibility of the artwork elsewhere on SAC.

Adding and editing artworks is currently only possible on the web version for artists.


Thanks so much for your reply, very helpful as always!
Happy New Year to you too!