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The other week I had a chat to a UK based artist, Orbit (Redirecting...) firstly he thought Street Art Cities was a wonderful idea and he suggested that artists being able to invite people to come and see them putting up their work would be a great idea. So maybe he and I are a bit ahead of the project, but I know you have a call out to artists on the web page, it might be and idea of having a global artist category for uploading photos, so the artists can upload their work no matter which country they are currently working in. Maybe beta test it on a couple of artists and see if it works…


Hi Beatrice,

Thanks for your input. Currently a intern is working on a artist page. In this artist page we like to tell more info than other platforms like I support street art, Global street art, etc. are doing at the moment. We also tought about the funtionality where artists can upload there own work but it’s a little bit more complicated for a few reasons:

  • How do we know if the artwork is still there? Maybe it’s already buffed or removed
  • How do we place artworks in a city when there isn’t a city account or hunter?
  • They need an account to upload the artworks.
  • etc.

Maybe if we are further in the developments we can find a sollution for this. If you are interested in helping us in the development of the artists page please let us know! We can always use a fresh pair of eyes :wink: Otherwise we keep you updated!!!

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Thank you Sanne, you guys are doing a fantastic job and that I know Orbit’s suggestion was a bit ahead of the time :wink:. I am not sure if I would be any help other than doing my best to promote the map and pass on the feedback i get to you.

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A bit of an update, I go to a few preview shows over here in London and get to speak to a number of artists…also getting to know a load of the Athens artists. The feedback I get from the artists themselves it that they LOVE the whole SAC concept, but the want to know when their cities (aka Athens and London) will go live on the app.

The only negative I have got is that we do not have a carousel on the locations. For example, Leake Street Tunnel in London…the art work can change overnight so for the artists they would like a carousel/swipe though option for a location, a possibility to add the artists Instagram, Facebook or webpage and the DATE if the photo (personal suggestion, can we take date and location from the photo’s metadata?).

Just a little feedback

Thanx for that feedback and telling the artists about the platform.

Almost all these things are on our roadmap, artist profiles, we’re working on some kind of archive functioneren and about launching extra cities in the app.
That’s gonna happen soon.

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You guys are doing a great job and I am privileged to be part of you little adventure. I know you have it all under control :grinning: I look forward to the roll out of the updated app in the future.