Art Galleries? Hall of Fames?

Hi community!
I have some ideas/suggestions… dunno if they could be realized but well :wink:

  • Ordering the added artwork

is it possible to order the added artworks per artist name or adress? or to switch the ordering, so the latest added one is on top?? and not at the very bottom?

  • maybe adding some “street-art” supporting galleries at the map? or stores for tools & cans? :wink:

  • how to handle “Hall of Fames” … places where artwork might change more frequently… maybe adding a location, like a gallery instead of an artwork?

just my thoughts :wink:
cheers, and happy new yeeear!!


All ideas are welcome. We’re already on working on some of them.

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now its complete, hehe, pressed the wrong button before :wink:

Totally agree, we’re now receiving more of this important data. Something we also picked up when we were in Paris the other day. Adding HoF, Gallery, graffiti shop or something in between, or even a hotel, is something we’re working at.

What do you think of custom markers for these locations for example?


Happy New Year :fireworks: Thanks for the awesome ideas. I see that Bart and Tim also answered your questions :smiley:

i was also struggling how to upload different images in 1 spot.
how will a custom marker solve this issue?

hall of fames or street art in general has another issue:
what if an artwork is overpainted, how do we handle this?
is it possible to have a “timeline”?

Timeline is a feature that’s high on our wishlist! But until we developed that, a custom marker for a HoF would be ‘enough’ for now I think. If you know it’s a HoF, you understand that it is in constant development.

Hi Bart, you mean an artwork being completely overpainted or only partly? What I do is to post the initial, nice artwork in the overview and the altered one in the further overview with a hint in the text. But what I also miss dearly is a “Hall of Fame” or “Hot Spot” on the hunter dashboard for hot places - where you regularly find changing graffiti/pasteup work - to display without having to highlight one main artist.

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hi louisa,
here in cologne, 1 big mural has been overpainted completely.
it would be nice you can add the old mural with title and all information too. but, as bart mentioned, they are working on a timeline solution, that will solve the problem.

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custom markers would be def a start!
so every one would know that pE a red star… or green marker… whatever… is a hall of fame, or a gallery… or wahtever…

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Oh, now I understand - in those cases I delete completely cos it’s forever gone and can’t be hunted anymore.

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