Another idea for users

Hi! it’s me again. I’ve been using the site for days, getting ready for some serious street art travel - I love it! well done to all the hunters who have worked so hard and the team behind the project for all the invisible work that is happening!

as a USER, i’m finding that once I’ve looked at a particular artwork and then I press BACK, I go all the way to the start again. this is no biggie in smaller cities, but it’s time consuming on cities with up to 600 sites (you guys rock!). Would it be possible to return to the place you leave, when you go back to the page of images at the side (sorry - i can’t think what to call it)?

Cheers, Lou


Yep, I’ve heard this idea also recently. In Ghent with +300 pieces it’s also a bit of a problem.

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Good point, let’s call in the help of the wizard @thomas, because I really have no clue how difficult this is to develop!

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I’ve added it to our to do list. I had the same problem last week when I was adding photo credits to each photo. Every time I changed and saved it I went back to start haha.

It’s not a problem for a few posts, but when you’re in serious working mode, it slows you down a bit!

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I agree with you :facepunch:

Hey @anon69780978 , I think now you are talking about the back-end (manager pages). But what @streetartaustralia is talking about, is about the front-end, so what visitors from the site and app are seeing. But yes, it’s a bit of a problem on both.
What I do now while adding copyrights: I open a whole bunch of pages in new tabs in the browser. When all saved, I just close them and end up at the 1st one exactly where I started.

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That’s a good temporary solution @Ferre but we have to find a way to make it better. Luckily we have @thomas in our team :facepunch: