Another from Pittsburgh, PA, USA, Hello

Hello! My name is Corey, I’m 27, born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. I cycle a lot for exercise, so after thousands of miles up and down the streets of Pittsburgh, I decided to combine two of my favorite hobbies, cycling and photography. I could take pictures of our city skyline all day, but the street art is what really caught my attention. I started the Instagram @pittsburghstreetart in August and have made 70 posts since then. I have probably another 50 or so spots saved and ready to be posted. I really enjoy finding the original artist and seeing if there’s an explanation or story behind each piece that I find. It’s been pretty cool so far so I’m happy to share my pictures and locations for anyone to see. Happy to join a community that feels the same way.

Thanks for looking!


The Story of a lot of us, Bring caught by the streetart virus and then starting to document it.
Great having you on board…

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Hi Corey!

Just like Tim said, it’s so cool to see that we’re not alone in all this, but that it’s a niche maybe, but a global niche. So, enjoy the shit out of it here and we’ll try to keep feeding you with improvements, goodies and a community thats loaded with positivity and creativity!

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CAN WE BE BEST FRIENDS ALREADY?! -@pittsburghmurals aka @saynihay

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Thanks taking a look! Nice to meet you guys. Haha of course Sarah, we’ll have to go out and check out some spots when it’s a little warmer :).

Hey girl!! :wave::blush: Jessica, Hamilton Street Art!