All Caps Rotterdam: Sunday sept 10th hunter meet up

Hi all,

Time to officially announce our first hunter meet up., On Sunday sept 10th we want to come together in Rotterdam for All Caps.
So who’s in?


Sounds great, but tough working before that day and leaving for Norway just after that … so I won’t be there. Love Rotterdam though, so I’m going to miss you … and the murals. But hey …Norway


I’d love to come, but I get back from Malta the weekend before, & can’t afford another trip so soon!

Hopefully another time!

Norway is a nice alternative, definitely. Enjoy:)!

Hi Tim, it’s a bit of shame that I only read your post today, since I was a bit busy working at All Caps festival as a volunteer. I saw you at the panel discussion (I was behind the bar) and you inspired me to sign up as hunter when you told us there weren’t enough good hunters in Rotterdam ATM (which is a shame really, considering the amount of great street art here).