Adding your festival to the page

Hi all newbie here Im running a festival with over 100 artists attending. How do I add it on here?

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Whats up Andrew!

I see you’re adding new works at the moment! Good to have you here mate :slight_smile:
We’re actually finalizing a research on what we could offer festivals, specifically on our map. @Lizzy is doing her thesis on it. I think you’ll like what we come up with, would you like Lizzy to keep you up to date on that?

Maybe also interesting to tell us a bit more about your festival, so we can see what it’s about. Enjoy your stay here and be inspired by all the cities around the world!

Hear you later!

Heya! Definitely contact Lizzy, but you can also submit your event here:

Hi Bart that sounds great yes please.

So after years of organising jams along the free wall in the town I secured funding for our first festival last year attended by 85 artists. This year we have 100 artists, bigger walls, international artists, sculptures and street interventions! We have Beau Stanton, My Dog Sighs, Snub 23, Roo, Mr Feeney, P0g0, Nol, Wasp Elder, SpZero, Chinagirl Tile, Philth, N4T4, Samer, Caro Pepe, Koeone, JXC and many many more too many to list here! Im already working on next years event too and have some SERIOUS walls planned for next year!
The big pieces are all permanent and we are keeping the big pieces I posted here from last year. We hope to get new walls each year rather than paint over the work - not easy I know but we’ll do our best. My aim is to turn this into an international class festival which will stand shoulder to shoulder with the other international class festivals the town offers such as Jazz, Literature, Science and Music and our well known horse racing events.
If you wish to se the work produced last year go to our website - which has had a nifty new makeover!- its
Many thanks and looking forward to uploading all the new pieces in September :slight_smile:

Oh and L7M! He’s our special guest!

Cool! We’ll make sure @Lizzy keeps you in the loop. And make sure to fill in that form by Thomas.

I checked out your page, seems impressive what you’re accomplishing there! Let us know if we can be of any help with preparations or to help your city with City Insights (official partnership for cities to be featured in the app, get a dashboard with stats on their city and a link to their tourist website from our map).

Also want to point out the obvious, but I’m sure you know this already; this initiative documents all street art on the planet. This means we don’t like to be a tool that only documents art organised by organisation X. It’s your call what you document, but please don’t use it only for a set of artists, one organisation or any of the likes.

Goodluck with everything you’re working on!