Accidentally uploaded a Mural twice - can't deleted it

Hello guys,
today I uploaded some new artworks, because there was something going on here in Munich last week. :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, I uploaded a mural by Gamze Yalcin twice. Once with all complete information, once without any information (only title and name of the artist). I accidentally saved that artwork with the incomplete informations. But under my “Manager” dashboard it only shows up once (with complete information) and in the app it shows me the artwork twice, like I uploaded it. I wanted to delete the work/ picture ( with the incomplete information, but this isn’t displayed in the “Manager dashboard”
How can I solve the problem? Can I delete it?

Best regards, Carina

Hey Carina,

I solved it, it should be gone in a few hours

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Thank you Tim!!!
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: