Accidentally unpinned art can't be deleted or modified


This is with regard to, but I assume the bug will affect all artworks lists…

I accidentally saved an artwork before changing the pin to the proper location, and after realizing the error I am unable to fix the pin because the artwork doesn’t appear on the artworks management page at all. So now I can’t change or delete the ‘unpinned’ art because it doesn’t show up anywhere!

I even tried zooming in on Heerlen to check it it was posted there accidentally (the default pin location), but didn’t see it there either. :slightly_frowning_face:

Also, I made a duplicate of that artwork that is corrected and complete, and noticed that the artworks count on the manager dashboard is ‘85’ when it should only be 84. It appears to be counting the unpinned/invisible artwork! :thinking:


  1. You shouldn’t be able to ‘save’ an artwork without a pin
  2. Unpinned art goes into a ‘drafts’ section in the dashboard

Let me know if you need any more help or info here. Thanks!

PS — it would be nice detail for the default pin location of new artworks to start in the city that you’re adding artwork to! :smile:

Did you get an answer to this? I have the same problem.

@jeanmarcknoll No response. I never followed up either, but maybe I should have tagged someone for increased visibility on the issue.

@thomas, can you help?

Hi guys, thanks for tagging me.

So this is about artworks not showing up anywhere, not on the map nor on the dashboard?

I like the idea about a ‘drafts’ section, will see what I can do in the coming days. Thanks guys!

@thomas Yes, it appears that if an artwork is saved before a location pin is added that you can’t see or access it on the map or dashboard, but it still ends up counting toward the total works of art for a city. Perhaps it’s floating around in the ether somewhere. :joy:

Thanks for looking into it!