About "seen" feature in the app

So how many of you use that “seen” feature? say what?

Well if you look at the details of an artwork in the app you’ll find ‘seen’ in the community notes

When you press it you open a new window where you can add some information like ‘still there, but a bit faded’ or just ‘add note’ without extra information.

This will become a very usefull tool for all our hunters, giving them an extra set of eyes who just verified that teh artwork is still there!

So just wondering, have you clicked it yet?


Sure, wherever I am… .
Even in my hometown Oostende, I’ll try to make sometimes a little detour to check some works and push the seen button. Or sometimes, I discover some interventions I didn’t upload so far (Jaune…)
In the future, this should even become a kind of a requirement for hunters to check at least 75percent of the works in their place. In fact, it shouldn’t be a requirement, a real committed hunter takes the initiative by themselve? Often it’s not even an effort, daily things like going for groceries or bring the kids to activities… we always pass street art we have uploaded.

Good to bring this under the spotlights Tim!

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Hi, as I am starting a Duesseldorf Tour to see what is still there and what is missing I always add the same comment: is it still there, informations about the condition and a date. For me it is a reminder when have I seen it the last time and for other users it will be a timeline of still there to destroyed. I think it is a cool tool and by using it we will see if it is a necessary and helpful information


Yep, have used it already sometimes in other cities then Ghent.