Ability to search by Tags

After reading Tim’s recent post I went through and added tags to a number of artworks for meetups organised by a particular organisation in Melbourne, I used the Organisation tag.

I am sure that the Search functionality used to work on the web version (ie I could search by the Organisation) but that does not appear to be working now? Has it been removed?

It looks like I can still do it on the app version.

I also just added the Festival tag to a number of artworks and I cannot seem to be able to pull them up on either the web or app version.

What tags is it planned to be able to search for? Will Organisation and Festival work at some point in time on both web and app?

Thanks for flagging that!

I’ve been changing the way search works over the last couple of days to make it less expensive to run, but in the process seem to have broken tag search.

Should be back now on web, on mobile we’re working on an update that overhauls search, which I expect to land in a week or two.

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Thanks Thomas, yes web works great now - thanks.