A couple of questions about "Places"

Is there a limit to the number of Places that can be created for a city, or that can be displayed on the city page?

Also, is there a way to affect the order of “Places” that they appear in? What is the current sequence they’re in?

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Q1. I understand the relevance.
Q2. Don’t understand relevance. Care to elaborate?

I just wondered if there was a way to make the Places icons display in a particular order, for example if you wanted to put the ones that you thought were more important at the start of the list so that they were seen more often than the ones that are right at the end of the list.

Tanks for your reply.
Here are my thoughts and angels.

If such actions were taken by the founders, and we applied the outcome our subjective evaluations would provide attention to someone’s work and indeed the artist behind it. Thereby promoting a work or an artist more then other.

Some of the artists make a living out of painting. Most part time a few full time. In my town this is the case for muralists and stencil artists. Even the writers and graffiti artists are taking on commissions these days. Furthermore I assist between customers and artists by linking them if needed, thereby having insight into the business side of the game where promotion is of essence. The promotion I leave to the artists, including adding their links and plattforms within the map. I encourage the artists to claim their profile. Thereby providing them with the possibility to promote themselves and “broadcasting” their links to for instance their web shop. My efforts are all pro bono, so I have no commercial interests.

I am verry continency (think it is the right word) backing the angel of providing an order.

My position: If such possibility is provided I will not apply it to my area. Reason is that appraisal of art is subjective - i.e. “In the eye of the beholder”. There is also a certain anarchic and flat structure in the streets which I belive is part of the charm with street art. But that is me. :slight_smile:

I was talking about “Places” not specific artists.

To me “Places” contain art. Most likely clusters of art. Curated or not curated. If we can rank the spot (Place) it will naturally draw more attention vs. other we have ranked lower. If the user follow our ranking we have drawn focus to the artist or artist at this spot. My aim is to provide the user with a consistent map of what is up and seeable. Also a flat structure and no hierarchy. Also I aim to have the artists claim their profile and add art where I do not hunt or add text telling about a given piece. Some of our artists (in Bergen) paint on an international scale. If the artist take control over their profile, the user can enter into the world of the artist. Example in my area would AFK. By going into AFK’s profile, they can choose what to hunt and see his works. By encouraging the artist, this will then create a platform where the artist’s initiative adds flavor to the game of hunting and experience art live. This again is my strategy, others have their own strategy.

I don not have any issue with the possibility of ranking of Places if the core team finds such possibility applicable. There is the question of content within ranking. What variable are determining what is behind a given position of the ranking. From what I have seen looking extremely briefly into the map in other cities there is no consistency of what art is posted. If ranking is introduced this inconsistency will also apply to ranking. Then racing the question of value.

It is important to mention that I am new in this game. Just started late summer handling my area i.e. Bergen, Norway. Maybe I am missing out on something but to me “Places” on the map are nothing but spots on the map with an icon we dedicate that spot. Also in Dashboard “Places” are designated to the list according to us registering them. If something is added or corrected in a given “Place” this ends on the top of the list in Dashboard. On the map nothing happens except what I have corrected or added. Is this assumption correct? Pls correct / advise. Eager to learn.

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It seems obvious that we have very different philosophies on Street Art Cities, and this is what it is, influenced I guess by our available time and thoughts about what we want it to be. Differences are what makes the world an interesting place I guess.

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Totally agree. Discussion on topics like this and other, with a world wide view must be of interest and importance for those running the platform.

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