Oops! That page doesn't exist or is private

Why do I seem to get the above error message (also see screenshot) fairly regularly when clicking on topics in the forum?

I didn’t even realise there was a way to add “private” forum posts, and don’t understand why that would be the case.

If they are Private is there a way to stop them showing in the list?

Thanks, Andrew

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for reaching out. The error you’re encountering is partly because we’ve recently expanded forum access view this post. Some topics are in private categories exclusive to Hunters and moderators. Currently, these private posts are still visible in the general list, but we’re working to improve this aspect of the forum. Your understanding and patience are much appreciated!

Best regards,
Noa Heutz

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The private forum is for a moderator sometimes a good tool to flag immediately some bugs we encounter on our moderator dashboard. As you flag hunter issues here, moderators can flag moderator dashboard issues there.

Gr Stef

So ideally these would only appear to those who are Moderators. Rather than tempting us with interesting sounding subjects to then get an error message … lol.

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Moderator forum is very recent, only a monthhalf or sth?
Last two months, so many things has changed in the positive way already. Totally agree that many things has to be finetuned👍